I have 3 beefstock tomato plants and theyve each grown a little over 40 inches. They grow in my apt window out on the balcony. They get plenty of sunlight and I water them every day, sometimes twice a day. They have miracle grow soil and Ive even tried miracle grow plant growth (the blue stuff, mixed with water).
They havent produced any flowers indicating tomatoes. All they do is grow taller and taller. They are each very green and healthy. Did I do something wrong?
I only use miracle grow once every few weeks. The pots are big enough. There have never been any flowers so pollination isnt the problem.
They get sun all day, but not too much sun.
There’s no bugs that I can see.
No rust.
Okay. I took off the stems between the V of my plants. Anything else I should do to help my plants?
Also I am growing a pea plant-any suggestions?


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